quote of the day – May 2, 2016

What did you do during the three day break?

– Kaseda-sensei

I ate miso soup.

– Rihito-kun, 5 years old

He was dead serious when he gave his answer. And this was following exciting answers like “I went to Disneyland/the beach/my grandparents’ house!” He’s extremely shy, though, so I was happy he gave an audible answer! Here’s to hoping Rihito-kun has a more exciting break during the next three days off!

(We just have school this week on Monday and Friday because of the way the Golden Week holidays fall this year.)

quote of the day – Apr. 25, 2016

Sensei, please get it together!!

– Atsuki-kun, 7 years old

Atsuki-kun was not impressed when I burst out laughing after Rintaro-kun guessed that a dog that was supposed to indicate “sad” indicated “sorry”. I guess it did look a bit like it was groveling, but I also think this was a surprising manifestation of cultural differences! His matter of fact delivery also added to the humor. ごめんね、あつきくん!

In other news, the 2nd grade class gave a collective, sad sounding “class is over already?!” at 5:30 today when I told them it was time to say goodbye, so I’m going to chalk that up as a huge Monday win.

quote of the day – April 12, 2016

Your eyebrows are shaped like shinkansen!!

– Yu-kun, three years old

It’s safe to say that the first real day of the new school year did not disappoint in the slightest. Considering 99.9% of the boys at the youchien are obsessed with and love trains/shinkansen, I’m not sure if I should take this as a compliment or…??

As an added bonus, earlier in the day when asked to do a self introduction and tell the class about anything that she liked, a five year old girl really went for it and named her favorite EXTINCT ANIMALAll the other kids mostly just listed their favorite foods or TV shows. I would have quoted her, but I have no idea what animal she said, and neither did her Japanese teacher, which makes me feel better.

quote of the day – Mar. 17, 2016

You and the other teacher, the one from Harayama, look alike. Because you’re both fat!

– Kazuya-kun, 6 years old

Here I was thinking that he was going to say it was because we were both white or both had brown hair or something. How silly of me.

In case I didn’t get the message properly, he even held his hands on either side of me to demonstrate how big he thinks I am. As for the girl he was comparing me to, he was talking about the other PiA fellow, the one that works in Chiba. Our students had a big get together at the Harayama school on March 7th, so they got to see each others English teachers.